My name is Robert and I currently manage developers at The Guardian. In previous incarnations I was involved with an idea management startup (a powerful tool, give it a go) and before that Agile consultancy. Now instead of telling people what to do (and being ignored), I tell people what to do and they still ignore me but pay me regularly for the privilege.

I  love what I do and I enjoy programming and creating something where there was nothing before. I side with the craft rather than science of computing. I think computers really can make people’s lives better and if they don’t then it is because someone is not trying or caring hard enough.

I started this blog to capture a lot of my thinking and ideas about my work. It is also handy for letting off steam or immediately capturing the solution to some problem that I have been wasting my time on and which no-one should have to waste time on in future.

I was  born and lived half of my life in Wales, I moved to Bristol to study at university and ended starting my first job there. I moved to London relatively recently (having sworn never to do it) and have learnt to live with the hypocrisy and the air pollution.

I like:

I also clearly like segmenting my life into neat boxes (probably numbered, probably starting with zero).

As this blog has taken off and acquired a bit of a character and tone of its own I now have a few other ones that allow for more experimentation.

Read them at: