Pod Receiver People

I quite liked jPodder when I first used it but the last release or two have been hideous with all manner of issues, particularly when I installed the Java 1.6 beta

It’s handy to be au fait with Java when looking at these problems and most of the problems with it seem to come from silly attempts to not be a Java program. Like for example using the Systray4J jar which is broken. I don’t expect a Java program to integrate fully into the OS. It’s no big issue, what I wanted from jPodder was a Podcast Receiver that would allow me to use BitTorrent to share the download burden amongst all the other client users. That’s what I wanted but I’ve given up for the moment and switched to using Juice. It’s not exactly what I wanted but its lightweight and it downloads Podcasts quickly and with minimum fuss. It also doesn’t try and download a set of default podcasts unlike jPodder


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