Toothbrush 3000

Our electric toothbrush’s casing cracked this weekend. Since mixing water and electric tools seemed a bad idea the search was on for a replacement. Since heads are expensive and we had quite a few of our current model stocked up we were essentially going to get pretty much the same model we have now. However turning up at Sainsbury’s revealed that there are now at least three models in the range. In addition one of the models is also produced in pink.

That lead to an unexpected need to make a choice. Having established the equivalent model to the one we already had left us with a choice, the equivalent (now branded the 5000) and the next model up the 7000. The price difference was about £15 but the actual difference between the two models was very unclear and there was a lot of head scratching and reading over the back of packets.

About the only definite difference was that the battery life for the 7000 is meant to be greater (and our current one is a bit crap, swiftly draining juice if not permenantly attached to the shaver socket) so what the hell, we bought a 7000.

The first experience was positive, there is at least a difference between the brushing motion of the old toothbrush and this one but is there a 2000 level difference? It is going to take longer than 24 hours to judge that.


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