Oi! Quicktime! Noooo!

Halfway through a 350Mb download from Bleep I decide to upgrade Quicktime due to the serious security fixes that are available in Version 7.1 (or that is what the popup tells me).

During the install Quicktime tells me it has to close its running instances. Fine I think and click okay. Suddenly Firefox is shut down and a popup sensibly points out that if I close Firefox now I’ll lose 100Mb plus of the download that has already been stored on the PC. Do I really want to shutdown Firefox?

Thank god for Firefox I think! No, don’t stop downloading I tell it… Only to have Quicktime slyly close it anyway. And install itself once again into the Systray.

Apple stuff is easy to use, as long as you do what the program wants you to do and you don’t get any uppity ideas of your own. Sometimes though you actually know what you’re doing and its not down to a program to decide what you actually need to do. It is useability but at a stiff price.


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