The Macbook has arrived!

At last I have the power to surf the web from my bed! The MacBook has arrived! It flew all the way from China with me watching all the way, via the TNT website, like some obsessive voyeur. First impressions are that it is small, sexy, with a great keyboard. The negative impressions are that the thing runs hot (was there any point in getting the lower MHz), is slightly heavier than expected and eats battery time.

It is also turning my world upside down as I am now forced to leave my Windows comfort zone and look at a new way of doing things. Suddenly the issue of cross-platform software is very pressing. Web applications (such as WordPress) seem more valuable than ever.

Overall though it is just what I wanted: a small powerful machine that is quick to launch and allows me to act on any idea I may have. The only negative right now is heat. Apparantly Apple have stopped calling the MacBook a laptop in favour of the term “notebook”. Good call, “lap griddle” would probably be a more accurate term.


4 thoughts on “The Macbook has arrived!

  1. It runs a lot hotter than I was expecting and that is probably more of an issue than the exact temperature. Even for a dual core I was not expecting many heat issues with a clock speed of less than 2.0GHz. If I had known then I would of been tempted to go faster and be done with it.

    As it is at the moment I do find it uncomfortable to have the MacBook to close to my lap. Even with something like a notebook or a summer duvet in between you can still feel the heat.

  2. Temple says:

    Hmmmm… I guess you know already… but maybe you need to send it back and get one with a non short circuiting battery?

  3. The battery issues affect the MacBookPro 15″ and the iBook G4s. This is actually the raging inferno that Apple designed the MacBook to have.

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