Where has all the WiFi gone?

Wandering around with the MacBook I have been disappointed at the lack of free WiFi to tap into. What’s going on when even in a community arts centre I can’t get no love and in the AnonymousBusinessHotel you have to pay a fiver a day for the internet connection and then when you do it comes via cable rather than over the glorious ether.

A lot of people don’t see the point of free internet access but I think Google has got the right idea by focussing on places like airports where there is an enforced idleness anyway. Once you’ve done the round of shops there is nothing to do but wait. The chance to jump on the web and be active again (in both mental and commercial meanings) is something I would really welcome and I can’t wait for free wifi to permeate all travel including trains.

I was reading in Computing something about constant connectivity on train carriages, but to be honest I’m not seriously interested in streaming material on the move just having the stateless web access would be a serious move in the right direction.


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