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Introversion‘s new game was $10 (plus tax etc.) on Steam so I pre-ordered and waited for my files to be decrypted. First time I try and play the game, the authorisation fucks up and I’m stuck in an irritating demo mode. After some grinding of teeth and futile emails to Steam Support I read on Introversion’s forums that deleting a file called authkey allows Steam to take a second stab at authenticating the game.

Sure enough deleting the file does authorise me and I spend a pleasant half hour going through the tutorial. First impressions are good, the sound is completely fantastic, thoroughly atmospheric and I am going to have to find out who composed it. Game is retro graphics again but very atmospheric. The menu screen is a work of total genius.

I’m looking forward to longer but “null points” to either Steam or Introversion for their customer support. You have an issue that can be solved simply so why don’t you stick a notice on your forums and pre-empt some pissed off customers.


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