Art, London

Trip to the Tate Modern

The slides at Tate Modern are so popular that I think either people have a hitherto unappreciated hunger for interactive art or alternatively there aren’t enough slides in London.

This trip was also my first chance to have a look at the rehung galleries. I also spent a lot longer than I normally do, usually the crowds tend to drive me spare very quickly. The Warhols are always enjoyable but since there are so many of them sometimes you can feel underwhelmed. The Cubist section also had a few excellent pieces by George Braques including one of the finest of the Cubist pieces I’ve seen. It was also good to see some Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon for the first time. By that point though I was feeling very ill and probably need to schedule a revisitation to properly appreciate the surrealist gallery.

One particular area of interest was the room dedicated to the Stalinist 5 Year Plan propaganda “USSR under Construction” featuring Rodencko and Littivesky’s work. I tend to prefer the earlier Soviet material but this was particularly strong on the photo-collage and very rewarding for a relatively small selection of material.


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