MacBook Memory Upgrade

I was a bit of cheapskate when I bought my MacBook and I’m not really ashamed to admit it. I had a budget and I deliberately underspec’d the machine because I wanted it to be light, cool and quiet.

However, the MacBook has easily been one of my best purchases this year and it is now in constant use. Moreover I didn’t realise when I bought that it would be running multiple logins constantly and there would be a lot of shuttling between users. The amount of security that is used has also risen from nothing at the start to “oh my god what would happen if this was stolen” in the last three months.

The machine was struggling to run the software I wanted to run and recently I have even been using to program more. This month I decided to complete my investment in the MacBook and fork out the necessary to upgrade the MacBook memory to its maximum capacity of 2GB. Crucial’s website promised me that it would be like a free upgrade and I know from my PC experience that it can make a big difference.

So the memory has arrived, costing under £200 but not by much. There were several tentative hits of the power button until I realised that when the manual says push till it clicks, it means it goddamn it. You have to be quite firm pushing the chips into place.

Having gone through the process though… I’m a very happy man. The whole system is much snappier and more responsive. I’m happier than ever with the MacBook. To me it is all-round a superior laptop. In fact I’m so impressed that when the MacMini goes CoreDuo2 I might be leaving the PC to just be an expensive games console.


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