Google Chrome: what browses what?

Okay, so nearly a month after it lauched how is Google Chrome changing the way we browse? Well for Linux and OSX users, not very much. However on Windows, Chrome is finding a place into my day to day browsing. Firstly I have started to tend to use it with Google products. There’s nothing rational about this, it seems to be just brand fetishism.

I have also started to use it for any site that uses Gears. Since Gears is built in to the browser it just seems to make sense. I liked Gears a lot before Chrome and although I have it installed in Firefox I figure it is easier to use the features when they are integrated into the browser and have the advantage of the V8 Javascript engine.

I also use Google Chrome on sites where I actually expect a lot of Flash, script and Fail. Being able to kill poorly programmed sites while keeping on trucking with the browser is a pretty killer feature.

Finally I also use it to view links where I want to look at something briefly and then do nothing more with it. I don’t know whether it really makes a difference but I always wonder how much stuff Firefox caches when I am briefly checking a link for something a blog post.


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