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Rounded Corners: Die! Die! Die!

If you’ve noticed that we don’t seem to have a lot of websites designed in screaming primary colours. We also don’t have a lot pastel coloured websites anymore (I liked them though). That is because every three years the design schools kick out a new wave of designers who spend five years regurgitating the received wisdom they have just learned.

What is the most insidious recent web trend? Rounded corners. What started as a kind of joke and an impressive hack to differentiate websites is now the stifling, boring norm.

Rounded corners are boring. If you add them to your website they make it look just like all the other websites in the world. If you create an image hack to implement rounded corners so they work on IE then you are actually mad. You are actually forcing users to download at least two images for the privilege of looking just the same as everyone else.

Currently the most exciting web design is Twistori which is an exercise in retro colours but take a close look at it.

Where are the underlined words to show me I can click on things? How can it create an entirely different ways to read text using font size alone? What is it doing?! I think, I think… it might be, the future.

I also quite like the look of GitHub, look at those panels, look at that negative space. Even the tab bar is square.

Tab bars are at the end of their lives too, there are too many and they look too alike. What you want to do is take that tab bar and turn it into massive words that are clickable. That would be awesome.

At least for a few years.


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