Compiling under Leopard

Since I upgraded my monster MacBook Pro I really haven’t looked back. I’ve suddenly started getting software by checking out the SVN repository and compiling it because it would be quicker than downloading an archive. Surely this is what a 64-bit operating system is meant to be like. It is giving me a warped view of the world and I now wish I hadn’t foolishly opted for a Dell at work. I could probably run a Virtual Vista quicker under Leopard than I could if it were running natively.

The MacBook Pro genuinely feels like a desktop replacement. I’m not sure I would go back to the box and screen for development now. Even the battery life feels like its been extended. It might even be responsible for these cartoon birds that keep singing all over the place.

OSX 10.5.2? An OS that actually seems to reflect its codename.


Woohoo! Leopard!

Today I finally took the plunge and installed Leopard on my MacBook Pro. So far nothing seems obviously broken and so I’m pretty happy. At the same time I haven’t really noticed much difference at the moment either. Preview might be sharper and shinier. Desktop icons now have little previews. The machine is maybe a bit faster and runs cooler when doing the same tasks, particularly compiling which is probably faster than I have ever seen on a desktop machine.

Mostly though I am glad that everything has been migrated with zero pain.