Ruby Manor

So first things first. Ruby Manor was a huge success and a real credit to James and Murray who created and ran it. Thank you guys very much for doing it.

The talks really varied a lot, and ironically I went away most interested in Rabbit MQ and Neo4J, both of which were only tangentially related to Ruby. George Palmer’s talk on Nanite was probably the most interesting of the day but during it I picked up a sense that the audience was mostly focussed on web development within a Rails space.

This reached some kind of nadir in Alex Maccaw’s frankly unreal implementation of recommendation analysis as a Rails plugin which really did look like someone hammering a square peg through a round hole. It did however generate some interesting post conference blogging.

I also enjoyed the Shoes and Monkeybars talk although they did end up confirming my reservations about both libraries. Monkeybars really seems quite a complex setup and kind of lays an MVC framework on top of Swing which already has an MVC like framework. However it does use Matisse which is still an amazing constraints based GUI builder. Shoes is awesome, until you get stuck – then there isn’t enough feedback to understand why your awesome has disappeared. Seriously fun to play with though.

So it has been proven you can have a cheap, community-led conference in London for Ruby. Is it now time for someone to step forward and organise the Python Snake Pit?