How long should a blog post be? The consensus is pretty clear: damnably short. My previous article about microblogging was meant to be a quick review of current state of play in microblogging but as I was writing it I was constantly aware of how long it is.

One thing that has changed blogging a lot is that more often than not no-one is subscribing to your newsfeed. Instead they arrive at your site through Google search, link sharing sites or (in the case of WordPress) tagging. If someone hits your site because they were searching for “cool insects in a hot tub” then they want to read some stuff about insects in boiling water.

So for the benefit of those people the next couple of articles have been broken down into individual topics rather than being grouped together as a review of “the new hotness”.

Since I am on the topic though, 2LDNR is serious the most annoying chatspeek (not chatspeak) acronym around. Why waste my time telling me what you haven’t done? Just smash your face into your keyboard and hit post like you would have done anyway.