Web Applications

Give Draft a go

Draft is a terrific new service that I’ve been using for a while. Imagine Dillinger but with documents stored in the cloud, and the clutter-free aesthetic influence of Svbtle and a lot of additional helpful utilities such as a dynamic word count. It is a really simple idea that in some ways has you kicking yourself for not having thought of it yourself.

I’m using for a mix of purposes, partly replacing Google Docs where what I want is to ultimately generate ¬†clean HTML, partly to provide a drafting facility for products that don’t include (Posthaven and Google Sites for example). It is also handy simply as a document drafter rather than having to install an app like Markdown Editor or UberWriter on various machines.

The service also offers the ability to collaborate with others on the draft documents which is something I’d like to give a go as having to discuss other people’s writing by passing emails of drafts back and forth is painful. So therefore I’m encouraging people to jump on the service and give it a go.