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Agile must be destroyed

Let’s stop talking about the post-Agile world and start creating it.

Agile must be destroyed not because it has failed, not because we want to return to Waterfall or to the unstructured, failing, flailing projects of the past but because it’s maxims, principles and fixed ideas have started to strangle new ideas. All we need to take with us are the four principles of the Agile Manifesto. Everything else are just techniques that were better than what preceded them but are not the final answer to our problems.

There are new ideas that help us to think about our problems: a philosophy of flowing and pulling (but not the training courses and books that purport to solve our problems), the principles of software craftmanship, “constellation” architecture, principles of Value that put customers first not our clients. There are many more that I don’t know yet.

We need to adopt them, experiment with them, change and adapt them. And when they too ossify into unchallengeable truisms we will need to destroy them too.


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