Redis 2, worth the hype

So I’ve flirted a little bit with Redis but never really had anything that fitted it’s solution profile, until this week!

I needed to cross reference postcodes and their corresponding longitude and latitudes. I tried a few other solutions but in the end I decided that a postcode was a nice normalisable key (it just needs the country details adding in) and that since I had thousands of records to relate, I really valued speed above everything else.

Redis (in conjunction with the Python client library) tore through the data set in terms of both inserting approximately 1.7M records and reading roughly 300K entries. I also liked using the hash functionality to store the long and lat under the same key rather than having to write my own logic to create the pairing.

Redis really helped solved my problem and lived up to its promises. It definitely has a place in my toolkit from now on.


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